1. After formation of a cluster, state Government in consultation with Support agency shall draw up a strategy for capacity building of farmers on organic farm management, organic input production and use, organic approaches for pest management, adoption of PGS standards in field practices, PGS certification procedures at group level documentation requirements for PGS and peer appraisal procedures through trainings, exposure visits and on-hand data management systems for data uploading.

2. Every year a minimum of 3 trainings shall be done at a cluster level, covering all the groups. In cases, where cluster is spread over large area (as in hills), trainings may be done at group level comprising members from 3 groups. In first year farmers shall also be exposed to PGS certification systems through exposure visits to existing PGS groups.

3. For mobilization of farmers in groups and clusters, their capacity building, day-to-day handholding in standards implementation, assisting farmers in peer appraisal and documentation and data management and data uploading Local Resource Persons (LRPs) shall be deployed.

4. Training of Officers /Executives of PKVY Team: Officers/Executives of PKVY Team, members of PMUs at different levels, and Regional Councils, to be trained on Sustainable Agriculture System and Governance Management of FPOs/PCs.