1. Formation of Groups: A group of farmers having a total area of 20 ha, in as far as possible, in contiguous patch within a village or closely located villages shall be considered a PKVY/PGS Group. A group shall comprise minimum 20 farmers (may be more if individual holdings are less). All PGS group requirements for PGS certification shall be taken up by this group (called local group in PGS manual). 25-50 such groups covering 500-1000 ha area shall constitute one “Cluster”.

2. Formation of Clusters: State Government shall identify the target PKVY/PG Groups between 500 or 1000 ha area for formation of clusters. The group of clusters should be identified preferably in the existing FPO areas. Creation of new FPOs can also be taken up provided such FPO formation is funded through convergence of resources of State Government, NABARD, SFAC, DAY-NRLM. Most importantly while selecting Group of clusters, contiguous area upto 1000 ha should be selected in nearby villages so as to generate marketable surplus for processing and marketing.

3. PKVY farmer organizations in respective clusters shall initiate necessary activities for formation of FPO for all postharvest activities such as collection and aggregation of produce, primary processing including washing, cleaning, grading, packing and branding & marketing of the organic produce within six months of cluster formation.

4. Farmers in a group can avail benefit to a maximum of two ha as per provision of PKVY, however the entire land of farmer could be allowed in the cluster without extending any additional support to the rest of the area and the same can be facilitated by the service provider for certification by the group and endorsed by the Regional Council without any extra cost involvement for data management and certification.

5. For mobilization of farmers in groups and clusters, their capacity building, day-to-day handholding in standards implementation, assisting farmers in peer appraisal and documentation and data management and data uploading supporting agencies shall deploy Local Resource Persons.