1. At the national level regular monitoring of the scheme will be done by NCOF, RCOFs and National Project Management Team. Monitoring formats will be developed for the same.

2. At State and district levels also the Project Management Teams engaged will do regular monitoring of the implementation of the scheme.

3. Information and communication technology will be deployed extensively for ensuring transparency in the implementation process and effective monitoring of the programme.

4. A dedicated MIS will be developed to capture the information from planning of project, approval, execution to progress report.

5. States will send quarterly progress reports to MIS and in hard copy also.

6. Geo-tagging: The clusters taken up under PKVY will be geo tagged for monitoring purpose as well as for facilitating marketing mechanism based as the crops grown.

7. DAC&FW will evaluate efficacy of this Scheme through a "third party". The agency will assess the efficacy, performance, outcome and shortcomings of the Scheme and recommend suitable corrective measures. Concurrent, midterm and final evaluations will be conducted by DAC to incorporate midterm corrections and final evaluation of the scheme implementation.

8. States shall also take up third party based concurrent, midterm and final evaluations from time to time.