(Decentralized Organic Farming Certification System)

Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare , Government of India


National Project on Organic Farming

National Project on Organic Farming (NPOF) is a continuing central sector scheme since 10th Five Year Plan.Planning Commission approved the scheme as pilot project for the remaining two and half years of 10th plan period with effect from 01.10.2004 with an outlay of Rs. 57.04 crore. The scheme is continuing in the 11th plan with an outlay of Rs.101.00 crore.

Our Objectives

  • Promotion of organic farming in the country through technical capacity building of all the stakeholders  including human resource development, transfer of technology, promotion and production of quality organic and biological inputs,awareness creation and publicity through print and electronic media.
  • Statutory quality control of biofertilizers and organic fertilizers under the Fertilizer (Control) Order (FCO), 1985, including revision of standards and testing protocols keeping in view the advances in research and technology and bringing remaining organic inputs under quality control regime.
  • Capacity building for soil health assessment, organic input resource management, technology development through support to research and market development.
  • Capacity Building for low cost certification system known as “Participatory Guarantee System”.

National Centre on Organic farming

NPOF is being implemented by National Centre of Organic Farming at Ghaziabad and its six Regional Centres at Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Hisar, Imphal, Jabalpur and Nagpur. Besides working for realisation of targets under NPOF, NCOF and RCOFs are also performing specific roles in promotion of organic farming.

Specific activities of NCOF/RCOFs

  • To collaborate all stakeholders of organic farming in the country and abroad and act as main information centre on various aspects of organic farming.
  • Documentation of indigenous knowledge and practices, compilation of integrated organic packages and publication of technical literature in all the languages.
  • Preparation and publication of uniform and authentic training literature and training course contents.
  • Publication of Biofertilizers and Organic Farming Newsletters for national and international updates on quarterly and half yearly basis.
  • To provide necessary technical assistance to production units for quality production of various organic inputs such as biofertilizers, composts etc.
  • To serve as data collection centre for biofertilizers and organic fertilizer production, biofertilizer and organic fertilizers production units and their production capacities and for details on total area under certification and various crops being grown under organic management.
  • To maintain National and Regional culture collection bank of biofertilizer organisms for supply to production units.
  • Development, procurement and efficacy evaluation of biofertilizer strains and mother cultures.
  • To act as nodal quality control laboratory for analysis of biofertilizers and organic fertilizers as per the requirement of Fertilizer Control Order.
  • To provide all sorts of technical assistance to implementing agencies for successful implementation of project targets