Knowledge / Literature / Publicity Material

Books / Manual / Schemes / Guidilines
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1 Organic Farming Download
2 Indigenous Technical knowledge (ITKS) Crop wise with reference to promotion of organic farming Download
3 PGS-India Organic Certification Manual Download
Leaflet / Pamphlet / News Cliping
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1 Organic Food And Certification Download
2 Introduction to revised Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) – Organic certification Programme Hindi Download
3 Usage of Biofertilizers & Organic Fertilizers & Their Recommendations to Farmers Download
4 Introduction to revised Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) – INDIA Organic certification Programm Download
Formats Related to PGS/ Organic Farming / Success Story Etc.
Sr. No. Title Download
1 Registration of Farmer under PGS INDIA Organic Certification Programme Download
2 Local Group Registration under PGS-INDIA programme Download
3 Meeting Register Format Download
4 Training Register Format Download
5 Peer Inspection / Field Inspection Register / Format Download
6 Online PGS-INDIA Regional Council Application Format Download
7 Online PGS-INDIA Processor Registration Application Format Download
8 Online PGS-INDIA Application Format For Facilitation Agency/Service Provider Download
9 Format for submitting Success Story of Farmer Download
Power Point Presentations (PPTs)
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1 Natural Farming Traditional techniques Download
2 Status of OF & GoI initiatives for promotion of OF & NF in India Download
3 IIFSR Modipuram- Organic Farm Designing, Cropping system planning, biodiversity and conversion Download
4 Post-harvest management of organic produce Download
5 Scientific Organic Farming Practices Download
6 Food Safety and Standards(Organic Foods ) Regulations Download
7 Indigenous Technical knowledge ITKs Strategies to fertilize and high production Download
8 Government Schemes and Support Structure for Certification Download
9 Introduction to Revised PGS-INDIA guideline & Marketing of Organic Produce Download
10 Bansigiri Goshala- Live Stock Management, Gujarat Download
Links For Organic Knowledge
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